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What is MHL
Publishers:admin Date:2015-01-15 10:58:59 Clicks: 1357

MHL is an innovative technology that fundamentally changes the way we work and play. Transform your smartphone into a home theater system and stream your favorite TV channels, movies, and home videos in high-definition. Experience the music you love with immersive surround sound. Play mobile games on the big screen, while charging your phone or even using it as a controller.

MHL shares your inspiration with the world around you. More than 750 million MHL devices are waiting for you!
Power up while you level up with MHL! Play your mobile games on the big screen with no lag, while charging your phone at the same time. MHL makes gaming experiences more interactive and fun by transforming your mobile device into a game console or controller. The next stage of mobile gaming has arrived. MHL — wired for power and performance.
MHL is a wired solution where your TV can charge your mobile device up to 40W . So what’s with the wire? Current wireless approaches consume a lot of power and can cause noticeable lag. MHL is the missing link. It’s time to worry less about your battery draining and more about the game at hand.
When it comes to visual entertainment, details make all the difference in the world. High resolution video turns dreams into reality. MHL currently supports up to 8K video resolution, allowing you to see your content the way it was meant to be seen.
Do you have music on your smartphone that you want to share with friends? Sometimes hearing is believing. MHL delivers enhanced audio through its support of Dolby® Atmos and DTS-UHD™. Get lost in the sounds you love with MHL.
                REMOTE CONTROL
Mobile entertainment shouldn’t be a chore. It’s time to kick back and relax! Once your smartphone or tablet is connected with MHL, use your TV remote to navigate your favorite apps, games, music, videos, and photos on the big screen.
Don’t let a bad connection slow you down. Lag can ruin even the best game. MHL offers a zero-lag, seamless connection from mobile devices to TVs. At MHL, connectivity is our universal language.