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Experience MHL
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Integrating your mobile device into your world and life, MHL is the ideal technology for home, work, and even on the road. MHL creates a shareable and expansive experience around your smartphone, redefining the meaning of mobile. Connect to the things you care about, and bring your content wherever it’s needed most.


Meet the new standard for home entertainment. Mobile apps, movies, games, videos, music, and photos look and feel even better on the big screen. Transform your home into the ultimate entertainment center with MHL.
MHL takes gaming to a whole new level. Play your mobile games on the big screen with a friend, while charging your phone at the same time! Zero lag means the action only stops when you want it to. You can even pair a Bluetooth controller to your mobile device for that console feel we all know and love.
Multiple Players            Untethered Gaming                    No Lag

Take MHL for a test drive! Connect your smartphone to the car’s infotainment system to access your phone’s apps. Receive up-to-date traffic information, access your personal music library, and charge your phone from the road. Your smartphone content is available at the tip of your finger — which means you can stay focused and enjoy the ride.
MHL-Enabled Navigation       Touchscreen Phone       Apps Charge & Drive

Innovations in technology have always changed the way we work. Now MHL is bringing an unprecedented connectivity to the workspace. Use MHL to connect your smartphone or tablet to a TV or monitor and pair a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to work anywhere, anytime. With MHL your office is where you make it.