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2019(Spring) USB PD&Type-C Asin Exhibition
By time : 2019/3/19    Clicks : 789    Public:Lontion

The 2019 (Spring) USB PD & Type-C Asia Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen, China, on Friday, 22 March. At present, the number of registered people has exceeded 3000. Thousands of enterprises have attended the exhibition, and nearly 100 enterprises have provided the latest fast-food product exhibition.

It is understood that the USB PD & Type-C Asia Exhibition was launched in 2016 and has been held for several consecutive sessions, with spring scheduled for March and autumn for August each year. After years of precipitation, the exhibition has become one of the most influential and comprehensive activities among practitioners in the field of USB PD & Type-C in Asia, and it is also planned as an important annual trip.

At the same time, many well-known enterprises in the industry will use this platform to release the latest products, application cases, solutions to global customers, and become the vane of USB PD & Type-C market trend in the new year.

After a detailed analysis, the following trends of the 2019 (Spring) USB PD & Type-C Asian Exhibition will be worthy of the attention of practitioners. These trends are: GaN, C94, fast charge chip, high power mobile power supply, flat-panel transformer, connector, finished product plan, test instrument, etc. Need to know about these products, you can go to the corresponding booth on the day of the exhibition for further exchanges and negotiations.